Metal Bushings



We manufacture & Export Plain as well as Flange bushings in various metals & composition. We manufacture bushings for Automobiles (Cars, Trucks, Tractors) Diesel Engines, Marine Engines, Railways (Locomotives), Earth Movers, Compressors, Generators other rotating & reciprocating machinery. We manufacture in Large (Bulk) quantity as well as in small quantity in some of the Products. Our bushings are used for various applications like 

  • Leaf Spring Eye / Shackle Bushings
  • Camshaft Bushings 
  • Piston Pin Bushings 
  • Connecting Rod Small End Bush
  • Valve Rocker Bushings 
  • Fuel Injection Pump Bush 
  • Suspension, Shock Absorber & Strut Bush
  • King Pin / Spindle Bush 
  • Oil Pump Bushings 
  • Pneumatic / Hydraulic Piston Cylinder Bush
  • Center Pin Bushings 
  • Self Starter Bushings 
  • Steering Knuckle Bushings
  • Brake Pedal Bushings 
  • Clutch Pedal Bushings 
  • Air Cooler Motor Bush
  • Gear Bushings ( Reverse Gear, Speed Gear & High-low Gear Bush)

We manufacture & Export bushings in Bi-Metal, Trimetal, Gun Metal, Bronze, Brass, aluminum, aluminum Bronze, GRAPHITE FILLED BRONZE, MANGANESE BRONZE Iron bush, Zinc plated, Chrome Plated bushings. We have various process to manufacture these bushings like sintered powder metallurgy, Centrifugal Casting, Gravity casting, sand casting, Continuous casting. We manufacture Precision bushings with complex profiles offer exceptional performance on engines, turbo-compressors, pumps, turbines and other rotating machinery. We are engaged in Manufacturing bushings of any type as per Customer Specifications, Drawings or Samples. All our Bushings are sold under our "Dev Brand Engine Spares"  Brand


The company manufactures and develops high precision Metal Bearings ranging from :

                Outer diameter : 20 mm to 300 mm

                   Length                : 14 mm to 180 mm

                   Wall thickness    : 1.4 mm to 23 mm


If you have any requirements Just give us your specifications and kindly mention the type of bush, Metal composition, dimensions (Size Details) or Drawing. 

Metal Composition of Bearing & bushings & Properties & Usage of metal alloy.

For further detail, & Requirements feel free to Inquire us.

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